I contacted Joe Rizzo of A-Z handyman to put in pantry shelves and do various other tasks. He was reasonably priced, professional and competent. He did an exceptional job, being careful to make sure that the shelves were secured to studs, properly aligned and the correct type to hold the weight of everything we wanted them to. I called him back a few days later to do some other jobs (Put up bathroom hooks, fix a loose faucet, etc.) and he was just as careful. He really took care to make sure that each job was done properly, but worked quickly as well. I can't recommend him enough. I taped his card inside my toolbox: I will definitely call him again when I have any job that needs doing. Jean G

A to Z Handyman is a great "One-stop shop" for repairs and installations. I recently had Joe out to install some shelving. While the job seemed straight forward, metal studs and missing hardware from the shelving company complicated the situation. To top if off, the shelves were installed over very expensive and fragile equipment. He did a fantastic job coping with the hurdles and didn't damage a thing.

Joe showed outstanding professionalism, worthy of a callback for further installations in our lab. He was always prudent and even offered to fix other things around the office while he waited for the hardware to show up.

I highly recommend Joe as he has proved himself capable and knowledgeable even in a very professional setting.

Michael H